How to tell which parking lot is right for you

There are hundreds of long-term parking lots surrounding John F. Kennedy International Airport. The best way to determine which lot is the best, here are some things to lookout for. The most important thing is to recognize that just because something is cheap doesn’t mean that it is a scam. At JFK Discount Parking, standard sized cars are only nine dollars a day to park, while oversized vehicles are nineteen per day. These prices are significantly cheaper than the surrounding lots, but JFK Discount Parking is no scam. In fact, the staff is incredibly well versed in all things travel. Another important tip is to make google maps your best friend. JFK offers long-term parking for each terminal, but with astronomically high rates, it would behoove you to look at how far the off-site lots are. You would be surprised to see how close everything actually is. With that being said, JFK is off of a major parkway and there are many lots that are off of exits around the belt. Rush hour can definitely cause major delays, so look at the traffic a few weeks in advance to get an idea of how long it would actually take you to get to the airport via shuttle. JFK Discount Parking is one of the only long-term parking lots certified by the Port Authority of NY that is located on the opposite side of JFK, meaning that the traffic to get to JFK is less regular than the alternatives. Lastly, look into parking lots that offer you bundles. For example, JFK Discount Parking provides each traveler with complimentary shuttle service to and from JFK airport. They are open all day and all night, meaning you will never have to wonder how you’ll get from point A to point B. They also provide unbeatable rates and run regular promotions for new and existing customers. With travel being expensive, JFK Discount Parking believes in offering some leeway for your getaway!