The best travel tips for those who decide to park their cars

In a world of options, sometimes having too many can induce major anxiety. For new travelers who have decided to ditch taxis and opt in for getting themselves to the airport on their own, this guide is exactly for you! When you park with JFK Discount Parking, you are parking with the pros. We aren’t just another lot, but rather a collective of people who have a passion for travel. Over the years we’ve developed some important knowledge that we love to share with our travelers.

  1. Always plan ahead. In the case of flights, it is always safer to be early. There have been plenty of instances when customers arrived at our facility with only an hour and a half to spare before their flight and as expected, miss their flights. Naturally this is very upsetting for both parties, which is exactly why we suggest allocating two hours to get yourself to JFK Discount Parking. This time window may seem large, but in reality it gives you the chance to calmly unload your bags so that our valet can load up the shuttles while you check in with us. JFK Discount Parking is only four miles away from John F Kennedy International Airport, but in some cases traffic can build up, and we don’t want any customers getting anxious over running late.

  2. Always make sure to take any valuable possessions from your car. Accidents can always happen, and while we take it upon ourselves to ensure none of our employees would ever steal, there are dishonest people out there. Whether you park at JFK Discount Parking or anywhere else for that matter, it is of the utmost importance to take valuables with you, or leave them behind.

  3. Determine what you want out of your parking experience. By this, we mean do you want to be close to JFK international airport? Do you want an option with the best deal? Or would you prefer to just leave your car anywhere? By understanding what you want while you’re away, you will be able to narrow your search.