Which Long-Term Parking Lot is Best For You?

Unless you have a driveway in your house, parking will always present a challenge in your mind. Whether it’s choosing the cheapest lot, finding something within close proximity to where you need to be, or even trying to understand crazy street signs, parking is always something that drivers need to manage. Now imagine the confusion when you tell drivers that they can park before going to the airport! There are many ways to get yourself from your home to the airport, none of which involve calling a cab or an Uber. If you have an upcoming trip planned, we highly recommend looking into long term parking lots surrounding JFK. There are countless options to choose from based on your needs. For example, many JFK long term lots are within a 10-mile radius of the airport, or on the actual JFK grounds. Others offer great rates and additional shuttle service. Some even offer unbeatable prices and complimentary shuttle service! So now instead of putting your time into the hands of a stranger, you are completely capable of getting to JFK international airport at your own leisure. Here are some things to consider when looking into long-term lots for your new ride.

  1. Proximity: If you want to ensure that you are as close as possible to the airport, then we highly recommend parking on-site at JFK international airport. Each terminal has its own parking lot with shuttle service to get you to the departures and arrivals gates. This convenience does come with a hefty price tag however, so definitely look into some alternatives if you’d like to be close and not break your wallet. One parking lot that is only four miles away is JFK Discount Parking.

  2. Reliability: For those travelers who worry about their cars being in the wrong hands, we highly recommend looking at long-term lots that are open 24-hours a day, seven days a week. JFK Discount Parking is open for business around the clock and has surveillance cameras on-site to protect your vehicles and the possessions inside of it. ( Although as an insider tip, it’s always best not to leave anything precious behind.)

  3. Best deal: If you’re working with a budget, it is best to steer clear of the on site lots at JFK. Looking outside of the airport grounds will lower the rates, but it also is dependant on the kind of car you have. Be sure to look at each lots social platforms to see if they are running any sort of promotions. JFK Discount Parking is known for its amazing deals. Standard sized vehicles are only nine dollars a day while oversized vehicles are nineteen. On top of that, they offer complimentary shuttle service to and from JFK as a courtesy to their travelers.

So there you have it – a foolproof guide to managing JFK International Airports long-term parking lots.