Parking at JFK

When you are booking a vacation, the last thing on your mind is where you are going to leave your car. Instead, you’re more likely to be preoccupied with booking the right hotel, booking the right flight, and booking plans at your destination. It is typically the day before you fly out that you begin to consider how you’ll even get to the airport. While taxis or ubers may have been the standard once upon a time, now the best thing to do is park at JFK. Yes, you read that right. Did you know that JFK has four different parking lots for travelers? Each lot comes with terminal shuttle service, but such a convenience also comes with a hefty price tag. There are way cheaper alternatives that take only five minutes to book, and zero effort on your end when it’s done. For example, just three miles outside of JFK is JFK Discount Parking, a long-term lot that allows you to stowe your car for the duration of your trip. With unbeatable pricing and safe quarters, it would be silly to overlook this gem right outside the airport. In the past, parking at JFK may have been an option for the desperate, but nowadays with the internet and streamlined processes, parking at JFK is actually one of the smartest things you can do!

Parking at JFK with JFK Discount Parking ensures your car is safe while you are enjoying your vacation, it means that in the event of cold weather, someone is there to turn your engine on and off to avoid accidents, and it also means having someone to take you to and from the airport quickly. JFK Discount Parking offers four different shuttles that are constantly between the airport and the main hub. All that is asked of the travelers is that they call the lot as they receive their baggage. Neighboring lots also offer similar deals, but with lots of hidden fees or additional charges for shuttle service to the airport, we can understand in those situations why some would prefer to just call the cab. What we’re saying is, don’t think that taxi’s and ride sharing apps are your only option. Do some research and see which long term lot can be the best for you, and don’t forget to enjoy your trip!