Parking at JFK in a Land of Ubers

When you think airport, the first thing that pops into your mind might not be parking there. Normally, we associate airports with ride-sharing apps or yellow cabs. However, with cars becoming a staple in mostly everyone’s lives, wouldn’t it make sense to take yourself to the airport instead of relying on apps or taxi services? If you don’t believe me, then take parking at JFK. Located just three miles outside of one of the biggest international airports, lies JFK Discount Parking. A brand new, no frills, longterm parking lot for travelers going to and from JFK airport. Whether your flight is departing at midnight or three in the morning, the friendly and accommodating staff at JFK Discount parking work around the clock to ensure your drop off is efficient and convenient. That same quality service is given to your vehicles while you’re away on your vacation. The security works all day and the gated lot is filled with surveillance cameras as a precaution. Incase all of these points aren’t enough to convince you to take your car for a spin, it’s important to note that not all parking at JFK offers complimentary shuttle service to the airport, but at JFK Discount Parking, it’s not even a question. Our four shuttles are there for you no matter what time of day to drop you off at your gate. Their system is so easy, that you have absolutely nothing to lose, but lots of money to save! For newbies, it’s easy to fall for the first price given when looking for parking at JFK, and that’s how a lot of new travelers get scammed. JFK Discount Parking honest rate policy is as good as they come. Standard vehicles are charged only nine dollars a day and oversized cars are 19.95. Can someone say deal?! If it’s almost too good to be true, we can assure you that it’s not. With so many gimmicks out there, JFK Discount parkings mission is to create a safe, friendly, and efficient environment for travelers to have a seamless travel experience. So no, parking at JFK airport does not need to be hard, and don’t let anyone tell you that it is!