Long Term JFK Parking… Friend or Foe?

For so many of us, just getting to the airport has become a chore. Weighing the different options of ride sharing apps, deciding if it’s best to call a car service… In the past, longterm airport parking may have been a mess, but time has known to improve, and with more information out there about airport services, why not give long term JFK parking a try? Surrounding one of the largest international airports are multiple longterm lots that travelers can choose from. One of the easiest long term JFK parking lots is located literally on JFK’s premises. The onsite program offers easy access to the different terminals within John F. Kennedy International airport, but such convenience comes with a hefty price tag. If you look just outside of the airport walls, you will find an abundance of lots to choose from that offer similar incentives like shuttle service at a fraction of the cost. One of the best lots is located just three miles away from the airport. JFK Discount Parking should be your best friend during your upcoming travels. The lot boasts a massive property that can fit upward of one thousand vehicles. With staff working around the clock, cars are constantly being taken care of, and someone is always there to take you to and from the airport. No matter what time of day your flight gets in, they’re there to greet you. In the winter the staff goes above and beyond to shovel cars out of the snow and warm them up to ensure no faulty engines. During spring showers, they make sure no windows are accidentally open. Whatever issue could ever arise, they anticipate it and make it avoidable. This kind of care isn’t given out everywhere, which is why we are so excited about JFK Discount Parking. On top of it, with unbeatable prices of nine dollars for standard vehicles per day and $19.95 for oversized vehicles per day, the company also provides complimentary shuttle service that doesn’t stop at any time. With four new shuttles constantly going to and from the airport, the wait time never exceeds thirty minutes. So yes, while longterm JFK parking may have been a daunting task not even worthy of exploring back in the day, JFK Discount Parking has seen the bad, and made sure to fix those errors with pure efficiency. Convinced? Head to to make your reservation!