Long term parking in JFK airport.

JFK International Airport is one of the largest airports in New York. In 2016, it saw 26.8 million domestic passengers and 30 million international passengers walk through its terminals. Such a densely populated airport must have parking spots to accommodate those traveling through it. Long term parking can be tricky and expensive, but if you know your options and plan in advance, there is nothing to fret over! At JFK airport, there are six on-site long term parking lots  where passengers can park there cars for as long as they need. The airport offers shuttle service to the different terminals, which makes traveling easy as 1,2,3… The only thing we will say about parking on-site at JFK airport is that there are definitely cheaper alternatives in the surrounding area. Parking at JFK airport goes as follows: It is $18 for the first 24 hours, after the first 24 hours, charges are incurred in eight-hour increments ($6 for each eight hours). If you want a tip from the parking professionals though, we suggest ditching the on-site lot and looking off site. For example, Located just 3 miles outside of JFK International Airport, JFK Discount Parking is the closest long term lot for the international airport. With a full staff that works around the clock, yes you read that right, 24/7, JFK Discount Parking offers perks for travelers that are so satisfying, you’ll almost forget about the excitement of reaching your destination. No matter what time of the day your flight is, the helpful staff at JFK Discount Parking will be there to tend to your car. With an easy sign in system, we then direct you to the complimentary shuttle service that drops you straight off to your terminal. Yes, you did read that right. Complimentary shuttle service and amazing prices… How could you resist? Additionally, JFK Discount Parking offers complimentary pick-ups when you return. That’s not the only thing they are good at. No matter what the season is, your car is always their priority. In the winter, JFK Discount Parking shoveled out nearly 500+ cars when a blizzard hit New York. They regularly turn cars on to make sure the battery is in full swing, and prior to your arrival, they heat up the car so that you don’t have to wait in the blistering cold. It’s a lot for a very little cost. Sure, there are some other long term JFK lots, but they lack the proximity, deals, and all around attention for their customers and their vehicles. So go ahead and show off to your friends your extensive knowledge of long term parking lots around JFK airport and Bon Voyage!