How to Park at JFK like a Seasoned Pro

The John F. Kennedy International Airport, or better known as JFK is the 12th busiest airport in the world, handling over 45 million passengers in 2009. If you’ve ever found yourself there, you know that just pulling into the terminal can be a trip in itself. JFK also has the busiest international entry point in the United States, with over 20 million international travelers passing through in 2008. With these numbers, it’s easy to assume that parking lots in the surrounding area are charging hundreds of dollars for a long-term spot, and while it may not be that much, there are options out there that can hurt your wallet. Of course, if you would like to park directly in the airport, there are the airport-run central parking facilities. he JFK parking structures are color coded – Green parking (Terminals 1,2,3), Blue parking (Terminal 4), Yellow parking (Terminals 5 & 6), Orange parking (Terminal 7), Red (Terminals 8 & 9) – each terminal being serviced by its own parking facility. Parking here could be a bit expensive: $3 for the first half hour, $6 for up to 1 hour, $3 for each additional half hour (limited to $33 maximum each 24-hour period).

The long-term airport parking facility at Lefferts Blvd may be a more economical choice at $18 for the first 24 hours and $6 for each succeeding 8 hours after the first day. Nonetheless, for those traveling for a few days or a couple of weeks, the parking bill could easily pile up, it’s a lot better to look for parking alternatives at off-airport locations. Your next JFK parking option should be JFK Discount Parking, in Woodmere NY. Just 5 miles away from the airport, or 15 minutes away, the port-authority certified lot offers the best prices in the area among other perks. JFK Discount Parking operates 24/7 and in all weather conditions. If you’re traveling for the winter holidays and a blizzard hits, we shovel your car out and heat it up prior to your arrival. Our friendly and helpful staff is there for our travelers at all hours of the day. Not to mention, with surveillance and a gate to close everything in, we guarantee that nothing will happen to your vehicle. Additionally, JFK Discount Parking offers a complimentary shuttle service to and from JFK International Airport. Upon arriving at our hub and leaving your keys with us, we have four shuttles that are constantly going between the lot and airport. When your trip concludes, all you have to do is give us a call after collecting your luggage from the baggage claim, and voila, there we are!

Our lot may not be incredibly fancy, or state of the art. But what it is without a doubt is safe, reliable, and affordable! Take the savings you earned with us and treat yourself to a wonderful vacation!